Global Resorts

Here are my tips for budget traveling this summer using your membership:

1- Prepare your family and brainstorm about possible vacation destinations. Do you want to to the beach, mountain, camping, etc.?

2- Determine where you want to go and browse through the thousands of resorts available on your password-protected registry. Do a search by state to save time. If you don’t find a resort at the location you want, click the ‘Request’ button to specify what you’re looking for.

3- Wait for agent to get back with you within a few hours either through phone or email to help you get condo accommodations for your family trip. We wanted a condo right on the beach, so when they offered us a condo inland we declined and they continued to search until we got exactly what we wanted. They replied back to us within minutes of our requests.

4- Once the agent finds the accommodations you need for your family and you’re happy with the results, click the ‘Accept’ button to accept the offer. Since members never pay more than $298-$799 for a week of accommodations you’re sure to find something to fit your budget.

5- Fill out the form with your credit card information and address and voila! Enjoy your trip!