About Hotel Travel for Less

There can be one big problem though. Cost! How can you look to shave a few dollars off your next hotel stay? I’ll discuss a few ways I have done that for my family trips.

First question to ask yourself is this:
Do you have a AAA membership?

If the answer is no you could be missing out on some great discounts. A AAA membership will in most instances lower the room rate by a nice chunck of change. A membership will also provide other great services like maps and road side assistance.

Here’s another question:
Who do you work for?

That may sound strange but it can help. Many business have arranged a discount with many hotel chains. If you work for them that discount will be passed on to you. It’s worth asking when you get to the check in desk.

And my last tip has to do with the internet. The power of the internet can afford you a lower hotel room rate if you check around. Vacation portal sites offering deals are a dime a dozen these days too. For instance when I am looking for trips there are several web sites I keep in mind for deals. Some will also email you there deals. That’s a free tip for you.