Coronado Island

All in all, the whole City of Coronado is less than 30 miles from one end to the other, so no matter where you start, you should be able to see all of what Coronado has to offer if you can grab a few days and preferably a week to stake out your visit.

So, assuming you are not just coming over for the day, you will need accommodations. Coronado is home to multiple hotels, including the world famous, Hotel Del Coronado which is located in the ‘village’ part of Coronado, as well as the 5 Star Loews Coronado Resort & Spa which is located about 5 miles south on the Silver Strand. In addition to the larger hotels and resorts, there are also numerous smaller lodging facilities including micro motels, B&B’s and even a Best Western. The other options for staying overnight include vacation home rentals which can range from $2000 per week up to $50,000 per week. And if you have a recreational vehicle you can try and reserve a spot at the Silver Strand State Beach. One thing we don’t have in Coronado is a Youth Hostel of any kind, and don’t even imagine for a minute that the local police will let you get away with sleeping in your car.

So, the most important tip we can offer is to book your accommodations early. Whether you stay in a private home, made available for the month of July, which overlooks the ocean or sits on a dock in one of the residential marina homes in the Coronado Cays, or you hope to get a room at the Best Western Inn, you’ll be disappointed if you wait until the summer sun is out before you try to book your spot.

The other most important tip we can offer is to rent or bring bikes. There are several bike shops in Coronado that specialize in renting bikes. Coronado is truly one of the best towns in the country for riding a bike. There are bike trails going around the entire Island (Isthmus) and in the Village the speed limit is only 25, so it’s pretty safe.

The only thing we do not recommend is renting one of those 5 passenger cycle carts – which they rent at the Ferry Landing. At least, we don’t recommend renting one of those ‘death traps’ unless you plan to stay on the promenade by the Ferry Landing. Every year, the locals groan as we watch some hapless family with toddlers trying to cross the fricken freeway which is what 3rd Avenue becomes as people come onto the Island from the Coronado Bay Bridge. Nobody’s died yet, but it can’t be safe crossing a four lane highway in one of those silly contraptions.

Finally, check out all sides of the island. Many people never get past the usual tourist stops of the Hotel Del and the main restaurant and shopping drags at the Ferry Landing and on Orange Ave. We highly recommend spending at least one day down at the Silver Strand State Beach. If you don’t want to pay $8 for a day pass, you can park in the Coronado Cays and walk across. If you drive north once you enter the Cays, and park at the north end of Coronado Cays Blvd, you can walk across the entrance driveway to the Loews Resort and take a secret passage way under the bridge right to the part of the beach where lifeguards, bathrooms and even a snack bar exist. Plus, you will get a glimpse on the bay side of the Aquatic Center, where you could picnic on one of the many shaded table areas, or even rent sail boats and kayaks.

Bottom line: there’s more to Coronado, then the main beach or the main shopping drags so spend some time at the beach or park. And when you’re sick of hot dogs and picnic fair and you want to go into the Village for a an actual sit down meal, we recommend Italian Village in the Ferry Landing for best pizza and view, or Costa Azul on Orange Ave for relaxing casual quality Mexican dining with a full bar and great Margaritas.

Just remember, the City of Coronado takes itself very seriously, and like Disneyland or Las Vegas, the local authorities takes a very tough stance on anyone or anything that tarnishes the city’s pristine reputation. Don’t get me wrong, you can have fun in Coronado, but if you get drunk and act obnoxious you will get arrested for disturbing the peace. They even site people for playing their car stereos too loud. The crime rate in Coronado is almost non-existent, yet the Police Department boasts a facility that makes Beverly Hills Cops feel like they are slumming it, and the Eagle Journal, a weekly Coronado newspaper, shows a consistent arrest quota of DUIs, underage tourists with possession, and other forms of disturbing the peace.

Hotels in Mauritius

Constance Le Prince Maurice

The 5-star resort is set within 60 hectares of unspoilt land, offering unique natural beauty of the location and maximum privacy to its guests. Golf players can perfect their swing on the two 18-hole championship golf courses where they can also enjoy unlimited green fees.

Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa

Located on the South Western coast of Mauritius and surrounded by ravishing scenery, this stylish 5-star hotel is perfect for all golf enthusiasts. Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa guests can access three golf courses that offer an excellent challenge to the low and high handicap golfer. The Paradis golf course sits on its own peninsular under the gaze of the spectacular Le Morne mountain and is affiliated with another two excellent 18-hole golf courses which are both just 20 minutes from Dinarobin – Golf Du Chateau and Tamarina Golf Estate. At both courses guests will enjoy discounted green fees, VIP status and preferred tee times.

Mauritius Holidays: The Maritim

The Maritim resort stretches along scenic Turtle Bay in the middle of national Marine Park. It offers a 9-hole golf course with complimentary green fees and the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation.

Mauritius Holidays: The Maradiva

Situated on the West coast of Mauritius, The Maradiva overlooks the crystal clear waters of Tamarin Bay, Mount Tamarin, and the famous silhouette of Le Morne Brabant. The guests can enjoy a range of activities, including an 18-hole championship golf course with 5 tees on each hole to appeal to all levels of player from champions to beginners.

Mauritius Holidays: Le Victoria

Halfway between the Mauritian capital Port Louis and vibrant Grand Baie, this exclusive and spacious hotel features an array of facilities that conjures up all that is relaxing while underlining luxury. Guests at Le Victoria are invited to use the 9-hole golf facilities at Trou aux Biches resort & Spa.

Mauritius Holidays: One & Only St Geran

This luxury hotel nestles on the Belle Mare peninsula and is fringed by over a mile of white sandy beaches. It also offers an excellent golf course with free of charge green fees. The Gary Player 9-hole par 33 golf course meanders through palm forests alongside the glorious beach, and features an amazing clubhouse, fully equipped with changing room, bar and terrace.

Cruising With Children

Most cruise lines have some sort of entertainment for kids. If the cruise line generally caters more towards the adult crowd, you might find that they really only offer a select areas on the cruise ship for the kids to play. Most cruise ships have one pool that is specifically for children and another that is mostly for adults. They might also offer babysitting services for you to be able to really enjoy those adult activities. If you are looking for something a little more geared towards the enjoyment of the children, there are cruise lines out there that do nothing but that.

Some cruise lines build their entire ships around what children want. These cruise ships are quite different from the Caribbean all inclusive resorts you would otherwise have to choose from. From the food to activities to the evening entertainment, these ships are sure to keep your child happy for your entire stay. Taking a vacation on a cruise ship with children is surprisingly stress free. The cruise line offers plenty of daily activities that your child can participate in without your involvement. If your child is one who could spend their entire day swimming in the water, he won’t be disappointed. These cruise ships have so many water slides, pools, water guns and more that he simply won’t know what to do with himself. If your child is a little older, he can also try out some surfing moves if the cruise ship happens to have a humongous wave machine.

Booking a cruise for your family is a quick and easy way to plan a spectacular getaway. Once you have booked your cruise and your airfare, everything else is taken care of. All of your meals and entertainment is already included in the price you paid upfront. A cruise is a great way to vacation with your kids in an atmosphere that is welcoming to the little ones. Your kids will appreciate you going out of your way to provide them with an experience that they will always remember. So, as tempting as it may be to book an all inclusive Caribbean resort instead, remember that it is also very important that your kids have a good time too.

Unique Hotels in The World

The unique treetop hotels in Costa Rica, Kenya and other parts of the world where the hotels are built with very large living trees making up a substantial part of the hotel structure. The treetop hotel in Kenya is built into the trees surrounding a watering hole for the many species of animals that forage there. When you leave the main dining room to go back to your room you are always accompanied by a guard for protection from wild predators. The Ariau Towers in Brazil, near the city of Manaus is in the middle of the Amazon on the Rio Negro and is a similar type of living tree hotel.

Ariau Amazon Towers is another unique hotel, located 35 miles from Manaus, Brazil where the Rio Negro and Ariau Creek meet. Built entirely at the level of the Rainforest Canopy, Ariau’s towers are linked together by 4 miles of strong wooden catwalks. This architectural wonder affords visitors a unique communion with the regions teeming plant and animal life while leaving the fragile eco-system completely undisturbed. Bill gates invested in the hotel and had modern telephone / internet connections installed.

Straight out of Neromancer, the Sci-Fi book by William Gibson, but only for the Japanese as of yet, the unique capsule hotels are an economy type of hotel with extremely high occupancy capabilities. Most capsule hotel compartments are only about 6 ½ feet by 4 feet by a little over 3 feet. These hotels are not recommended for large or very tall people. This amount of space certainly gives one enough room to read or sleep, but not much else. Of course if you’ve got wireless internet the possibilities are considerably expanded.

Capsule hotels are not necessarily frequented primarily by lower income people, but are used by many types of people for many different reasons. For about $25-34 per night, a tired working person who stayed out too late drinking and missed the last train can get a night’s rest. There are often discount rates for those wishing to nap for only a couple of hours during the day.

There are several cave hotels throughout the world in such places as Australia, Spain, Turkey, the United States and several other countries. Rooms in cave hotels typically have the entire walls or even two or three walls made out of the mountain or other hard sediment formation that the hotel is built into.

For instance there is the cave hotel in Southern Australia, an Underground hotel and casino, in Coober Pedy. The Desert Cave Hotel allows you to experience dug-out style living, underground shops, bar and opal display areas. Sleeping underground is a very unique experience. Quiet, cool, dark and airy, the rooms seem spacious with their high ceilings.

The unique Desert Cave Hotel, famous as the only international rated underground hotel in the world, allows you to experience dug-out style living. It’s the experience to enjoy if you are in the area. They have all of the amenities, fine dining, a pool, a beautiful spa and a well equipped gym.

There is one underwater hotel in the entire world that can be reached without the aid of scuba gear which is really a unique hotel. The Utter Inn located in Lake Malaren, Sweden features one large room and visitors can simply walk down into the hotel while viewing underwater. This same company also has an undersea lodge in Key Largo, Florida that does require scuba diving to reach.

The Utter (Otter) Inn in Sweden is a small floating house with a deck for sunning. Its uniqueness is that you descend the stairs into the lake. The bedroom is like an aquarium but you are the fish. There is an inflatable boat so that you can visit a near by un-inhabited island to swim and sun. You will have to buy the deluxe package to have dinner delivered to you (by boat, of course) in the evening.